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Dear Friends of the Earle's Chapel Cemetery, this year , the Board of Directors of the Earle's Chapel Cemetery Association made a decision to make an improvement to our Cemetery. They decided to hire a firm out of Nacogdoches, TX called Hydrex Environmental to make a detail map of our Cemetery. The map will show the cemetery boundaries, roads and grave sites. Each grave site will be colored coded according to its statues occupied, reserved, or vacant. Each occupies site will be labeled with the name of the deceased as well as their life dates. The map will be laid off in grids and as index of the occupied sites will be alphabetized and labeled with the grid location. The map (which will be very large) will be placed under glass in a shelter near the entrance of the Cemetery.

It is the Board member's hope that the map will make it very easy for anyone visiting our cemetery to find the location of their loved one. The map will also serve as a record of the grave sites that are reserved. Our aging Board members want to ensure that the reserved sites are recorded and not lost to time. The map of the occupied sites will keep the unmarked sites recorded as well.

Your Board members felt like this project will be about $9,000.00. The Board's plan was to pay for the project out of interest earned from the Association's investment account . However, the Board received many comments from the Association Membership after the announcement of the project at this year's Homecoming  that Members would be more then willing to contribute to the payment of the project. The project should be completed during the first few weeks of October 2015 at which time we will be billed for cost.
Your donation to this very worthwhile project will be greatly meaningful for years to come.

Contributions to be made to Earle's Chapel Cemetery Association

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Earle's Chapel Cemetery Association
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